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I have lived and worked in Devon all my life. Primarily I am a self taught artist, having had a life long interest in painting and drawing. I paint mainly in oils and am both a studio and outdoor painter.


Much of my work in the studio is portraits, where I tend to focus on the female face. Here, I Iook to colour to produce a dynamic and interesting painting. These paintings are  mainly based on life.

My seascapes and landscapes are painted outside with subjects taken from the coast  or surrounding countryside near to my home in East Devon. My love of painting out in the enviroment is a legacy of growing up here in Devon with moors, sea and rolling fields never far away. 

For me, painting is about looking at the everday critically and, given the right light,  I believe, can produce great, beautful things. I tend to paint quicklly particularly when being challanged by the demands of the ever changing weather when painting outside.


I am an elected member of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. ​

As well as exhibiting extensively locally I have also exhibited with The Royal West of England Academy, The Society of Women Artists, The Discerning Eye, The Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize.

I am curretly represented by The Brownston Gallery, Modbury

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